Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine


Recognized for its authoritative contributions to the entire field of preventive medicine and public health, Preventive Medicine: An International Journal Devoted to Practice and Theory is a respected source of information on applied research into all aspects of prevention.


Special Features include Original Research, Pertinent Issues and Innovation in:


• Cancer

• Cardiovascular disease

• Health education

• Individual and population risk factor screening

• Respiratory and infectious disease

• Public health planning

• Tobacco and other substance abuse

• Stroke and hypertension

• Other lifestyle-related diseases


Special Issues or Sections Devoted to Specific Topics of Significance Have Included:


• Forum on physical activity research and funding

• Monitoring the tobacco use epidemic

• Prevention of cervical cancer: HPV vaccines, screening,and other policy options

• Health effects of psychosocial conditions in the workplace

• Global Youth Tobacco Survey

• Multiple health behavior change research

• Self transportation, public transportation, and health

• Physiological and pharmacological effects of Camellia sinensis

• Blood lipids in children: Optimal levels for early prevention of coronary artery disease

• Forum on exercise and health

• Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

• Effectiveness and practice of patient education

• Health promotion sciences: Their place in disease prevention

• Passive smoking

• Medical effects of nuclear war

• Fats and fibers in carcinogenesis

• Coronary artery disease prevention: Cholesterol, a pediatric perspective

• Human cancer chemoprevention

• Prevention cardiology

• Antiestrogen prevention of breast cancer

• MRFIT on cigarette smoking



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