Inner Realese Or The Way To Yourself

Ancient Secrets For Health


When parents can not cope with the inner anger and irritability, they project their emotions on own children, in the terms of cursing words and violence, killing children souls, causing the trauma and damage their future.
The most  terrible emotional trauma happens when biological mother  hates and curses  the child , it is because mother`s  energy presents  in a child since his/her birth and fetus development.
Even more worse fate befalls those children who were born  highly sensitive, their reaction to the destructive words and emotions of mother`s negative energy is extremely strong. While for  sensitive child is especially important to have sweet home, receive  nurturing, love, blessing, obtain spiritual harmony, and when  instead of  in real life, early childhood and inside of  family  him or her faces deep suffering, very often these children will have an unhappy adult life, health problems , and even suicidal tendencies.
Prolonged mental stress  causes chronical muscle lumps, compressed breathing and oxygen supply becomes insufficient, as a…

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