How I Became a Woman (With a Little Help from PJ Harvey)

That's What She Said

Victoria Roskams shares her thoughts on music, gender identity and feeling comfortable in your own skin

Many of us can credit a certain woman, maybe a family member, friend, teacher, a politician or historical figure, in our lives with this – the big moment, or series of moments, which helped us feel comfortable with ourselves as women. Or maybe some of you came out of the womb perfectly happy with your gender and your performance of it.

Not I. I grew up in the tomboy trap. That is, it wasn’t that I particularly got on with boys, but I didn’t go along with everything the girls did, either. You know how it is at school, when these things seem to really matter. If you’d rather play football at playtime than ‘mummies and daddies,’ it’s a big deal. I wouldn’t wear a skirt to high school, instead electing to be the only…

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